An archive of stories from the research ethics community
Communication between all the stakeholders in research is crucial for consistent progress. Relationships intersect seemingly separate worlds: institutional, cultural, academic, scientific and ethical.
Susan Lederer describes the importance of a historical perspective when considering the course of medicine and the evolution of medical and research ethics.
Successful research is based on educating local communities in ways that respect their cultural norms and bring them into partnership with science that can truly help them.

What is People & Perspectives?

People & Perspectives (P&P) is a digital story-telling library supported by PRIM&R (Public Responsibility in Medicine & Research).
Anyone who is part of the human subjects or animal care and use enterprise is welcome to contribute, and past narrators (the person providing the story) have included institutional review board (IRB) and institutional animal care and use (IACUC) professionals, research staff, committee members, institutional officials, researchers, subjects, advocates, regulators, industry representatives, ethicists. Since P&P is comprised of the personal recollections and interpretations of those working in the research field, it is therefore not intended to serve as an official record of the events described. Read more.

"Storytelling is a dialogue. Shared stories create more understanding, bring people closer together as a community, and serve as a string that binds one heart to another." - Peninnah Schram, storyteller