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Animal Care and Use Professionals

Deborah Frolicher, BS, CPIA Director, IACUC, The Scripps Research Institute

Sound IACUC administration relies on a foundation of collaboration between staff, researchers, and members of the committee.

Robert S. Sikes. PhD Professor of Biology, Director of Basic Animals Services Unit, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Dr. Sikes discusses the realities of research involving wild animals and the need for specific guidelines to ensure valid scientific...

Frans B. M. de Waal, PhD Charles Howard Candler Professor of Primate Behavior, Psychology Department, Emory University

Dr. de Waal describes his evolving interest in primate behavior and interesting parallels to human social interaction.

Allyson J. Bennett, PhD Associate Professor, Psychology, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Dr. Allyson Bennett discusses the nuances of public opinion, scientific literacy, competing research agendas, and the impact that public policy...

Cindy M. Hoorn, DVM, PhD (Retired) Director, Global Animal Welfare and Compliance

Dr. Hoorn reflects on the history of the development of lab animal care programs and the collaboration between scientists, advocates,...

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