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Animal Care and Use Professionals

Elizabeth Ford, DVM, MPVM, DACLAM Senior Director, Animal Resources, The Scripps Research Institute

Dr. Ford describes the shift from self-identifying as a "monkey doctor" to a new role as "veterinarian for lab animals"....

John Gluck, PhD Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Senior Advisor to the President on Animal Research Ethics, University of New Mexico

Dr. Gluck describes his career in research and his journey toward greater understanding of the importance of ethical consideration about animal use.

Marky Pitts, CPIA Co-Founder, IACUC 101

Ms. Pitts describes the 1980s and developing an animal care program in response to the new regulations.

Natalie Mays Director of IACUC and IBC, NYU Langone Medical Center

Ms. Mays' love of science took her into the laboratory.

Monte Matthews, BA, CIP Director, Animal Care Services, University of Oregon

Mr. Matthews describes his career path, the importance of zebrafish and the beginnings of IACUC 101.

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