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Animal Care and Use Professionals

Patricia A. Brown, VMD, MS Director, Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare at NIH

Dr. Brown discusses the beginning of her career as a veterinarian in the Air Force and her path to the role as Director of the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare.

Nicole Duffee, DVM, PhD Director, Professional Development and Education, American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS)

Dr. Duffee tells the story of her early experiences with farm life, her mentor in veterinary school, and her work...

Andrew N. Rowan, PhD President and CEO; Chief International Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, Humane Society International; Humane Society of the United States

Dr. Rowan describes his education and early career in animal work, and then touches on the milestones of the antivivisectionist movement beginning in the United Kingdom in the 1820's.

Taylor Bennett, DVM, PhD Management Consultant; Senior Scientific Advisor National Association for Biomedical Research

(Part 1) Dr. Bennett recounts instances of using common sense in forming policies, describes the evolution of "the Guide," and the effect of enrichment on research involving animals.

Kathryn Bayne, MS, PhD, DVM, DACLAM, DACAW, CAAB Global Director, AAALAC, International

Dr. Bayne talks about being influenced by Jane Goodall, her career with AAALAC, the benefits of the IACUC conference, and her current heroes in the field.

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