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Human Subjects Protections Professionals

Kerri Cote Plaud, MS IRB Coordinator, St. Anne's Hospital

"I was once one of those individuals who had never heard of an IRB either..."

Hugh Tilson, MD, MPH, DrPH Professor of Social Medicine; Professor of Medicine, UNC; Duke

Dr. Tilson describes his journey to a career in public health and how clinical research informs strategies for healthy populations.

Sangeeta Panicker, PhD Director, Research Ethics, American Psychological Institute

Dr. Panicker discusses the evolution of reseacrh ethics as affected by issues concerning genome mapping, global relationships and digital technology....

Christian LaMantia President, Research Compliance Counselor

Ms. LaMantia discusses the importance of defining what it means to be "effective" when protecting human subjects.

Jeanelle Graham, MPH Research Compliance Specialist, University of Alabama

"When I was first approached with this question, I had to give it some thought. What does the general public not know that most research professionals do understand?"

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