An archive of stories from the research ethics community

Scholars and Ethicists

Robert Levine, MD Professor of Medicine and Lecturer in Pharmacology, Yale University

(Part 2) Dr. Levine shares his thoughts on key developments in the field of research ethics and the changes in...

LeRoy Walters, PhD Sr. Research Scholar, Emeritus, Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Dr. Walters describes his contributions to the foundation of the field of research ethics.

Eric M. Meslin, PhD Director, Indiana University Center for Bioethics

Dr. Meslin talks about the evolution of his interest in bioethics and working with leaders in the field.

Leonard Glantz, JD Professor, Health Law, Bioethics and Human Rights, Boston University School of Public Health

Mr. Glantz discusses his career in Health Law, the rights of children and research regulation, offering insights into key topics...

Robert M. Veatch, PhD Professor of Medical Ethics, Georgetown University

(Part 2) Dr. Veatch shares his thoughts on how well early themes in bioethics have held up over the years.

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