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Privacy Policy

PRIM&R, provider of the People and Perspectives (P&P) website, is committed to protecting your privacy.
PRIM&R recognizes the confidentiality of information that may be disclosed by individuals using our website to submit stories to the P&P website. The only data we collect is the information we need to fulfill your requests for services and benefits. By using this website, you consent to PRIM&R’s use of this data.
PRIM&R uses the contact information that you provide only to contact you either about the story you are submitting, or about updates to the P&P website that we feel are relevant. The contact information that you provide is included in PRIM&R’s database which we may use to report on aggregated demographic statistics of our constituents.
On occasion, we receive requests for use of our mailing list, or parts thereof, for marketing purposes. Provided the request aligns with our internal policies and procedures, we grant one-time use privileges to organizations whose missions do not conflict with that of PRIM&R.
In fulfilling these requests we do not provide telephone numbers or email addresses. At any point, those submitting their stories may choose to have their names excluded from such mailing lists. If you did not select this option when submitting your story, please email us us to request that we do not share your information.