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A Historical Perspective

Susan Lederer describes the importance of a historical perspective when considering the course of medicine and the evolution of medical and research ethics. (December 2014)

2:29 Schools of medicines and bioethics
10:35 Animal welfare vs. human protection
16:07 A Historical Perspective of Moral Change (Watch excerpt)
21:09 The Frankenstein Myth (Watch excerpt)
24:11 Bioethics and "Unprecedented Times" (Watch excerpt)
26:37 Responding to Scandals (Watch excerpt)
32:05 A Historian on the Advisory Committee for Human Radiation Experiments (Watch excerpt)
35:26 Bioethicists and a Historical Perspective (Watch excerpt)
40:56 Problems that Won't Go Away (Watch excerpt)
43:36 A Historical Perspective is Absolutely Essential (Watch excerpt)