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My Path to the NIH

(Part 1) Dr. Warren Ashe describes his early childhood growing up in the segregated south. He discusses his time in the military and his journey through undergraduate studies at Howard University, to a job at the NIH where he became the first African-American senior scientific advisor. (November, 2013)

Topics include: 

0:50   Family life in the Deep South of the 1940s (Watch Excerpt)
5:29   A happy childhood (Watch Excerpt)
20:00   Early days at Howard University (Watch Excerpt)
32:43   Marriage, immediately followed by enlistment (Watch Excerpt)
38:03   Officer Candidate School and infantry training
52:52   Home from the war and the recession
1:03:08   A casual conversation with a friend leads to a job interview at the NIH (Watch Excerpt)
1:13:32   Working with the Herpes Simplex Virus
1:18:40   Senior Scientist at the NIH, then moving on to Dean at Howard University (Watch Excerpt)

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