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Education at Any Age

(Part 2) Dr. Ashe continues his story by describing his time in the administration at Howard University, his quest to earn a PhD and how he created a functional IRB from scratch. He served as a federal compliance consultant for site visits and shares his philosophy on helping resource-poor institutions. Dr. Ashe comments on his time on the PRIM&R Board and ruminates on life challenges and the frames of mind that continue to guide his decision-making. (November, 2013)

Topics include: 

0:00 Personal quest to earn a PhD
22:06 Devising a review system that became the basis for the IRB (Watch Excerpt)
The many challenges of few resources and trying to help other institutions learn better systems (Watch Excerpt)
A panel presentation leads to an invitation to join the Board of Directors (Watch Excerpt)
1:08:13 Reflection on life challenges and what helped him on the journey

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