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HIV/AIDS Studies and International Research

After her education at Stanford and work with women's health and the HIV community in Northern California, Nancy Kass moved to Johns Hopkins to begin a career in bioethics, which has included a focus on international research, consent issues, and HIV studies with pregnant women. (November, 2013)

Topics include: 

  • 7:05 Burgeoning interest in bioethics
  • 10:58 Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (Watch Excerpt)
  • 17:45 Extreme Views of "Informed Consent"
  • 19:49 Work with the HIV/AIDS population (Watch Excerpt)
  • 33:47 International Research Ethics and Perinatal HIV Studies (Watch Excerpt)
  • 43:26 Informed Consent (Watch Excerpt)
  • 47:32 Advice for those entering the field