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Research Ethics and the Written Word

(Part 1) Dr. Levine discusses the authors of the Belmont Report, the Declaration of Helsinki and his perception of the goal of "ethics education" in Medical Schools. (January, 2013)

Topics include: 

  • 3:20 The Commissioners
  • 12:53 Journal of "IRB: Ethics & Human Research" (Watch Excerpt)
  • 20:23 Medical students: Trends in attitudes about ethics
  • 26:10 Medical ethics at Yale: Teaming up with Jay Katz
  • 34:12 The structure and goals of "ethics" courses in medical school
  • 39:07 "Therapeutic" research
  • 40:54 The Declaration of Helsinki and Beyond (Watch Excerpt)
  • 46:00 Risk vs. Benefit
  • 47:14 Therapeutic Misconception
  • 52:52 Harms to one person to benefit others
  • 59:10 Compensation for Research Injury (Watch Excerpt)
  • 1:11:38 Focus has moved from ethics to compliance (Watch Excerpt)