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Shaping the Future

(Part 2) Dr. McCarthy describes government response to the Tuskegee abuses and his work with congress to shape a system of protections for human subjects. (December, 2012)

Topics include: 

  • 00:36 Government response to Tuskegee (Watch Excerpt)
  • 06:19 Actions paving the way for the National Commission (Watch Excerpt)
  • 10:33 Early NIH attitudes toward ethicists (Watch Excerpt)
  • 26:04 Behind the scenes and leading up to the National Commission (Watch Excerpt)
  • 28:41 Selection of the members for the National Commissionfor the Protection of Human Subjects (Watch Excerpt)
  • 32:50 The contributions of LeRoy Walters
  • 36:44 PRIM&R as an educational force
  • 40:33 PRIM&R in the international arena