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Human Rights

George Annas comments on the intersection of law and health care, and how this common ground fuels reflection on civil rights, constitutional rights, and human rights. (November, 2014)

0:02:44 Participatory consent (Watch excerpt)
0:06:40 Writing for the Commission (Watch excerpt)
0:09:08 Research and vulnerable populations
0:19:11 Artificial hearts (Watch excerpt)
0:26:45 Teaching legal issues to medical students
0:34:20 Early IVF and ethical discussions
0:42:24 Health and human rights (Watch excerpt)
0:52:51 Consent and human rights (Watch excerpt)
0:54:45 "Worst-case" thinking (Watch excerpt)
1:07:57 Health law trends
1:21:33 Is "bioethics" a field?