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The Spectrum of Decision-Making

Dr. Botkin discusses the intersection of pediatrics, bioethics, public health, education, and genetics. These issues have aligned in various combinations during his career as a student, researcher, IRB Administrator, and leader of SACHRP. (November, 2013)

Topics include:

  • 10:17 "Evidence-based" or "eminence-based" practice? (Watch excerpt)
  • 12:48 The role of bioethics in medicine (Watch excerpt)
  • 16:15 Ethics and education
  • 19:07 Ethical decisions and pediatrics (Watch excerpt)
  • 29:22 Common problems with IRBs (Watch excerpt)
  • 34:25 An example of combining a public health initiative with research (Watch excerpt)
  • 37:56 Transparency and decision-making
  • 40:16 SACHRP