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How a Background in the Police and Military Assist with IRB Work

Mr. Ferguson describes his surprise and delight in the fulfillment he finds as a community member for a central IRB in New Jersey. His police and military background equip him with investigative skills and a detailed-oriented mindset that contribute to the research review process as an IRB member and a guest lecturer for continuing education seminars. (December, 2012)

Topics include:
  • 4:17 My experience as a community member (Watch excerpt)
  • 9:02 Community members and consent forms (Watch excerpt)
  • 14:17 Many points of view make for the best review (Watch excerpt)
  • 17:43 Emerging understanding and respect for the IRB process (Watch excerpt)
  • 23:38 An IRB response to the Havasupi incident
  • 27:12 Key attributes for good IRB members
  • 39:15 Merchant Marines and the laws of the seas