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Personal Reflection

Dr. Gluck describes his career in research and his journey toward greater understanding of the importance of ethical consideration about animal use. (April 2014)

Topics include: 

  • 5:30 The challenges when trying to remain objective when using animals in research (Watch Excerpt)
  • 24:40 Reconsidering personal parameters of acceptability  (Watch Excerpt)
  • 32:16 Shortcuts in the lab (Watch Excerpt)
  • 37:10 Animal well being and the validity of research (Watch Excerpt)
  • 43:15 A Veterinarian shuts down a program (Watch Excerpt)
  • 51:02 Despite the misgivings of researchers, IACUCs helped standardize and ensure good care of lab animals and early meetings enjoyed freer discussions than generally experienced today (Watch Excerpt)
  • 1:07:27 Meeting  members of animal protection groups (Watch Excerpt)
  • 1:12:58 Open dialogue about animal rights is needed (Watch Excerpt)
  • 1:19:52 Comprehensive ethics education (Watch Excerpt)