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The Railroad of Life

Charlie talks about railroad trips as a child where he learned "people skills" that were useful his entire life. He describes his years in the priesthood, reflects on his various roles in the government and talks about key figures in the field with whom he had relationships.

Topics include: 

0:01:16  "The Shut-down Era": Problems come to Light (Watch excerpt)
0:07:00  "The Shut-Down Era": Opposition was not an Option  (Watch excerpt)
0:12:19  Losing Institutional Memory and Flexibility (Watch excerpt)
0:30:40  Riding the rails as a youngster
0:43:46  Years as a Paulist priest
1:07:50  Friendships with "Wig" Rodwanski, Sandy Chodash, Lou Lasagna and Harry Rozmiarek

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