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(Part 2) The Path To Contemporary Practice

(Part 2) The concept of "adequate care" vs. "contemporary care" continues to guide Dr. Newcomer along his career path, as he worked in various capacities for research institutions, the NIH, and AAALAC.  (April, 2014)

Topics include:

0:00:43 AAALAS and AAALAC (Watch excerpt)
0:12:40 The Three Rs (Watch excerpt)
0:19:13 The role of lab vets (Watch excerpt)
0:25:50 A good IACUC (Watch excerpt)
0:28:05 Breeding colonies (Watch excerpt)
0:34:30 Scientists and the public (Watch excerpt)
0:42:20 A focus on training (Watch excerpt)
0:45:45 Advice to those entering the field
0:47:19 The source of inspiration
0:49:06 If only...

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