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Embracing the Challenge

Dr. Titanji discusses her passion for making a difference in the challenging realm of international research. Her extensive education and broad life experiences are the foundation for her insistence on conversations that rest on respect for local context, subject education and rights, research that is driven by local investigators, and an acknowledgement of responsibility by Western research institutions. (November, 2015)

3:13 African literature
7:08 Patriarchal society
9:39 In the face of preventable death (Watch excerpt)
13:56 My first research experience: baptized by reality (Watch excerpt)
20:46 International research: stakeholders and conversation (Watch excerpt)
22:33 International research: local context (Watch excerpt)
24:10 International research: the Western mindset (Watch excerpt)
32:01 Research by local investigators (Watch excerpt)
34:15 HIV on a molecular level
38:20 Researcher empathy