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There From the Very Beginning

(Part 1 of 2) Dr. Veatch talks about his early interest in a unique concept "physiology of ethical thought" and how his studies and career contributed to the development of a new field: Medical Ethics. (March, 2014)

Topics include: 
  • 0:00 Study interests; physiology of ethical thought
  • 09:27 The growth of medical ethics (Watch excerpt)
  • 15:26 "Cure" vs. "care"  (Watch excerpt)
  • 22:04 1969: The emergence of the Hastings Center
  • 26:07 The early Hastings Center: "Death and dying"  (Watch excerpt)
  • 30:28 The Hasting Center also developed the Hasting Center Report and the IRB Journal  (Watch excerpt)
  • 41:13 An advisory paper for the National Commission on Informed Consent  (Watch excerpt)
  • 46:36 Beneficence vs. non-maleficence  (Watch excerpt)

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