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Revisiting Foundational Concepts

(Part 2) Dr. Veatch shares his thoughts on how well early themes in bioethics have held up over the years. (March, 2014)

Topics include:

  • 07:12 Researchers owe something to those who are worse off
  • 11:53 A "semi-randomized" design for a clinical trial is good science (Watch excerpt)
  • 17:59 Fine-tuning the definition of adequate, informed consent (Watch excerpt)
  • 24:00 The NIH IRB
  • 30:38 Medical advances happen much more quickly than the evolution of ethical thinking (Watch excerpt)
  • 34:38 The far reaching influence of Henry Beecher (Watch excerpt)
  • 37:03 Suggestions for changing the current set of regulations (Watch excerpt)
  • 39:28 The question should be asked, in almost every case (Watch excerpt)
  • 44:58 If Only…

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