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From the President's Pets to Animal Research

Dr. Rozmiarek describes his early career as a military veterinarian, caring for Presidential pets and his entry into research. (March, 2013)

Topics include:

10:21 Drafted into the military 
15:38 Veterinarian for Fort Meyer in Washington, DC
18:24 Caring for horses for the military funerals of MacArthur, Hoover, and Kennedy
26:48 Working for President Kennedy
54:36 Stationed in Thailand

Sadly, Harry Rozmiarek passed away just three months after this interview was completed. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors.

From PRIM&R's blog, Ampersand - In Memoriam: Harry Rozmiarek, DVM, PhD

From the PRIM&R website - In Memoriam: Harry Rozmiarek

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