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Reflections on Milestones in the Field

(Part 2) Dr. Levine shares his thoughts on key developments in the field of research ethics and the changes in IRB focus and behavior over the years. (June, 2013)

Topics include: 

0:01:13      "Respect for persons" as an American concept (Watch excerpt)
0:07:14      Philosophical niceties vs. anthropological realities (Watch excerpt)
0:15:59      Beneficence as a Universal Ethical Principle (Watch excerpt)
0:20:24      Justice as one of the three guiding principles of research ethics (Watch excerpt)
0:23:47      Issues that propelled the formation of the National Commission (Watch excerpt)
0:28:23      The history and development of clinical trials (Watch excerpt)
0:37:57      Unintended consequences from the work of the Commission (Watch excerpt)
0:43:03      IRB chair at Yale for more than 30 years (Watch excerpt)
0:56:16       My greatest accomplishment

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