An archive of stories from the research ethics community


Natalie Mays Director of IACUC and IBC, NYU Langone Medical Center

Ms. Mays' love of science took her into the laboratory.

Susan Kornetsky, MPH Director of Clinical Research Compliance, Boston Children's Hospital

(Part 2)  Ms. Kornetsky comments on the need to emphasize "collaboration" over "compliance", describes the qualities of good mentorship, and...

Hugh Tilson, MD, MPH, DrPH Professor of Social Medicine; Professor of Medicine, UNC; Duke

Dr. Tilson describes his journey to a career in public health and how clinical research informs strategies for healthy populations.

Sangeeta Panicker, PhD Director, Research Ethics, American Psychological Institute

Dr. Panicker discusses the evolution of reseacrh ethics as affected by issues concerning genome mapping, global relationships and digital technology....

David Borasky, Jr., MPH, CIP Deputy Director of Human Research Ethics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

(Part 1) Mr. Borasky describes his early schooling and how his career evolved to research administration and a long tenure...

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