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community members

A full, voting member of the IRB who usually fulfills one or more of the following regulatory requirements for: (1) representation of certain community attitudes as may be reflected from [the] subject population, (2) a nonscientific member, and (3) an unaffiliated member.

Bruce Gordon, MD Executive Chairman IRBs, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Dr. Gordon discusses a variety of forms of communication which include arguing scientific points with colleagues, cajoling opinions from IRB...

Deborah Frolicher, BS, CPIA Director, IACUC, The Scripps Research Institute

Sound IACUC administration relies on a foundation of collaboration between staff, researchers, and members of the committee.

Dahron Johnson, Chaplain Community Member, Nashville - VA (TVHS)

Mr. Johnson decribes his role as a chaplain and how that impacts his partcipation on an IRB as a community...

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