An archive of stories from the research ethics community


Matthew Stafford Assistant Director, IRB Office, Boston Children's Hospital

Matt Stafford discusses the daily challenges of IRB work and his satisfaction with working on new and interesting issues.

Courtney Jarboe, MA, CIP IRB Supervisor-Administrator, Capella University

Courtney Jarboe discusses her introduction to research ethics and the importance of guiding student researchers.

Elizabeth Kipp Campbell, PhD, CIP HRPP Director, Purdue University

Dr. Campbell talks about the importance of framing the consent process as an ongoing dialogue.

Paula Knudson Special Advisor to the VP of Research, Center for Clinical Research and Evidence Based Medicine at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center

Paula Knudson describes a career dedicated to nurturing community involvement and developing ...

Laura Ruse Brosch, RN, MSN, PhD Colonel (Retired), U.S. Army

Colonel Brosch describes her passion for her career as a transplant nurse and an unexpected involvement with the Army. She...

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