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environmental enrichment

A key element of animal husbandry, refers to measures taken to make a research setting more conducive to normal, species-appropriate behavior for animals involved in research. 

Robert S. Sikes. PhD Professor of Biology, Director of Basic Animals Services Unit, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Dr. Sikes discusses the realities of research involving wild animals and the need for specific guidelines to ensure valid scientific...

Frans B. M. de Waal, PhD Charles Howard Candler Professor of Primate Behavior, Psychology Department, Emory University

Dr. de Waal describes his evolving interest in primate behavior and interesting parallels to human social interaction.

Christian E. Newcomer, VMD, MS, DACLAM AAALAC International, Executive Director

Dr. Newcomer's education and career path spans the pre-IACUC days through the current climate of intense scrutiny and regulation. He...

Bernard Rollin, PhD University Distinguished Professor, Colorado State University

Bernie Rollin discusses philosophical theories and how they apply to arguments about the moral status of animals. He shares stories...

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